Girls Volleyball and Tennis 2013 - 2014 Champs


Girls Volleyball: The lady volleyball divisional champions for this school year are Beavercreek for the South, Troy for the North and Lebanon for the South. Each team ended the regular season with a 5-0 Conference record. Teams continue to play postseason games this week as the GWOC Girls Volleyball Tournament continues. Semi-finals are next Tuesday October 8th followed by finals Thursday October 10th.

Girls Tennis: The GWOC Girls Tennis Meet was held last Saturday. Results are posted within the Gold Flight Tourn and Silver Flight Tourn sections, found in the Girls Tennis tab. The 2013 - 2014 champions by division are Centerville (Central), Greenville (North) and Springboro (South). The overall GWOC title also went to Springboro. Teams continue the postseason this week at Sectionals. Dates, locations, brackets and other tournament information can be found here.