Website and Social Media


As the fall season is still in its early stages, we wanted to remind everyone how useful the GWOC website can be in finding sports information. Within each season's tab at the top of the page is a list of that respective season's sports. From there, you can see Conference standings, Conference wins and losses, team and player statistics as well as team schedules. You can also view All Conference, All Division and Conference Champions from prior years.

For specific school information, addresses and district information, use the "Schools" tab to go directly to a school's website. The "Links" tab is home to the original schedules for each sport through the 2014 - 2015 school year (2015 - 2016 for varsity football).

The Conference Facebook and Twitter may also be helpful in staying up to date on current events and news. As always, looking forward to connecting with more GWOC fans!