GWOC Basketball Showcase is Approaching


GWOC fans, the GWOC Basketball Showcase is about a week away! The event will span two days and two sites and will feature thirty-two boys and girls basketball teams in sixteen different games. West Carrollton and Butler will each host four games on both December 15th and December 16th. Below is a list of scheduled games:

AT WEST CARROLLTON, 12/15                            AT BUTLER, 12/15

2:00p.m., Lebanon v Fairmont girls                      2:00p.m., Fairborn v Greenville girls

3:30p.m., Lebanon v Fairmont boys                     3:30p.m., Fairborn v Greenville boys

5:00p.m., Miamisburg v Butler girls                       5:00p.m., W. Carrollton v Northmont girls

6:30p.m., Miamisburg v Butler boys                      6:30p.m., W. Carrollton v Northmont boys


AT WEST CARROLLTON, 12/16                            AT BUTLER, 12/16

2:00p.m., Springboro v Centerville girls                2:00p.m., Troy v Wayne girls

3:30p.m., Springboro v Centerville boys               3:30p.m., Troy v Wayne boys

5:00p.m., Xenia v Beavercreek girls                      5:00p.m., Trotwood v Springfield girls

6:30p.m., Xenia v Beavercreek boys                     6:30p.m., Trotwood v Springfield boys