Mark Your Calendars for the GWOC Basketball Showcase


It is hard to believe winter sports have already arrived but there are many events to which GWOC athletes, fans and parents can look forward. One such event is the GWOC Basketball Showcase. The event will span two days and two sites and will feature thirty-two boys and girls basketball teams in sixteen different games. West Carrollton and Butler will each host four games on both December 15th and December 16th. Below is a list of scheduled games:

AT WEST CARROLLTON, 12/15                            AT BUTLER, 12/15

2:00p.m., Lebanon v Fairmont girls                      2:00p.m., Fairborn v Greenville girls

3:30p.m., Lebanon v Fairmont boys                     3:30p.m., Fairborn v Greenville boys

5:00p.m., Miamisburg v Butler girls                       5:00p.m., W. Carrollton v Northmont girls

6:30p.m., Miamisburg v Butler boys                      6:30p.m., W. Carrollton v Northmont boys


AT WEST CARROLLTON, 12/16                            AT BUTLER, 12/16

2:00p.m., Springboro v Centerville girls                2:00p.m., Troy v Wayne girls

3:30p.m., Springboro v Centerville boys               3:30p.m., Troy v Wayne boys

5:00p.m., Xenia v Beavercreek girls                      5:00p.m., Trotwood v Springfield girls

6:30p.m., Xenia v Beavercreek boys                     6:30p.m., Trotwood v Springfield boys