Good Sportsmanship Always a Priority for GWOC


Good sportsmanship is a priority at all GWOC schools both on and off the playing field.  When attending a GWOC event, one would expect to see displays of good sportsmanship by all spectators and competitors - such as respect for oneself, opponents, and officials; shaking hands prior to or after competition; being humble in victory and graceful in defeat.  But at a recent Fairborn and Springboro boys basketball game, the display of good sportsmanship went far beyond the normal hand shake. The Fairborn student "Spirit Section" heard that a Springboro student passed away prior to the basketball game.  Students from Fairborn created a card as well as a banner expressing their thoughts and prayers for the family and for the Panthers.  The banner and card were presented to the Springboro students and fans at halftime.  This show of support from one school to another really goes to show the sportsmanship and closeness of the GWOC family!